Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet potatoes and sneaky tofu

So, I'm trying to introduce some forms of protein into the Eskimo's diet so he's not entirely reliant on breastmilk for it. My latest trick: I pureed tofu and sweet potato together. Sounds disgusting. Looks like orange sorbet. I kid you not. It looks delicious. And it just tastes like sweet potato. That's the great thing about tofu. You can sneak it into almost anything because it doesn't have a whole lot of flavor. Sneak it into soups and stews, ground beef, and of course, baby food!

The other protein source the Eskimo has been enjoying lately is cottage cheese. Just enough texture to it to make him happy and packed full of good stuff for him. I usually mix in a little bit of homemade applesauce to give it some sweetness. Babies love sweet things. Actually, don't we all?

I'm pretty sure I could be giving the Eskimo meat by now. I mean, he's 8 months old, and could definitely handle it. But I'm hesitant to give it to him just yet. It's hard to find all natural meat that doesn't have hormones pumped into it. Sure, it's okay for ME to eat, but not my baby! Also, I've heard that diapers get really stinky and nasty once they start eating meat, so I have no problems with holding off. :)

Anyway, get creative when making baby food. Combine cubes of different fruits and veggies. But also give your baby plenty of opportunities to experiment with solid food, once he's old enough. The Eskimo gets a couple of snacks everyday that are made up entirely of solids, whether it's blueberries, organic cheerios, crackers, or tortilla. He loves all of them, even if they don't all make it into his mouth. ;)

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