Friday, January 21, 2011

Ready for the butt!

Well, all the diapers are prepped and ready to go! But we still have the diaper service until our last pickup on Monday, so I'm going to continue to use their diapers as long as possible. :) Hey, if it saves me a load or two of laundry, all the better! But I have this huge, gorgeous pile of fluffy new diapers and I kind of just want to lay in it. The Eskimo loves it too:

I'm also waiting on my new wetbag to get here from Thirsties. I bought one of theirs last summer and used it for a couple of months. It's been sitting for a while now and I realized the stitching on the bottom is coming undone in two places. I emailed them and they're sending me a replacement for free and a prepaid postage sticker to send the defective one back! Sweet! I'm not going to lie though, the Bummis Fabulous Wetbag does make me drool a bit. I have the small one for the diaper bag and love it. Next time I have a spare $30.00 laying around....

Sorry, no amazing insights today. I'm still working on my first cup of coffee. ;)

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