Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's all about the cover

So, remember my rave review of the Bamboozle fitted? Well, we had MAJOR leakage last night. I work Friday nights, so husband has to put the baby to bed by himself. Normally this is fine, but he grabbed the wrong diaper cover last night. Not his fault, I left it where I shouldn't have and he didn't know. Well, the Eskimo chose last night to sleep ALL night long without waking up and when I went in there this morning, he was sopping wet. I mean, sopping. All the way up his chest and down to his toes. The poor little thing slept in sopping wet PJs all night and didn't even complain! Needless to say, I felt HORRIBLE. And it was because of the stupid cover.

Really, the cover was probably fine when it was brand new. But I bought it at a secondhand baby store because it was WAY cheap and I can't pass up a good deal. I think the brand is Prorap. But goodness only knows how it was treated before it came into my hands. It was probably washed with inappropriate detergents and just plain doesn't work anymore. It's in the trash now. It's a shame because I really liked the fit of it and it had awesome gussets. Maybe I'll buy a new one and see how it works.

Anyway, the point is that you can have the most awesome diaper (prefold, fitted, whatever) in the whole world, but if the waterproof barrier isn't a good one, you're going to have a sopping wet baby. Treat your diaper covers gently. Find a cover that fits your baby well around the legs AND the waist. Both are areas where leakage can happen. Some diaper covers work great for long, skinny babies, and others are better for chunky monkeys. Read reviews, talk to people, and if you can, go into a local store and touch and feel them. Most of all, have fun shopping for them though because there are a LOT of cute diaper covers out there. :)

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