Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another rave review

So, I've been knitting lately. Hence the lack of posts. I really want to give wool diaper covers a try, but I have to make some before I can try them. :)

But that's not why I'm posting today. Yesterday was my last pickup from the diaper service and we are now on our own. The Eskimo's butt was in his fancy new Bummis organic cotton prefolds all day yesterday and I can't believe the difference. They are SO absorbent! With the diapers from the diaper service, he really needed to be changed almost every time he peed. I changed him every 2 hours, at least. But now, when I go to change him after two hours, you can hardly tell he's wet! Also, the prefolds are super soft and squishy. They must feel lovely on his butt. :) Happy baby = happy mama. I will probably still change him pretty frequently, just because I don't think it's nice to leave your baby in a wet dipe, but I COULD leave him for a little longer if I wanted to. And, when he's home alone on weekends with his dad, I won't have to worry as much. Dads never change diapers as often as moms. It's a proven fact.

Oh, and as for the wool, I've found a great new stretchy bind-off technique and I redid the legs of the two soakers I made previously. I tried one of them out yesterday and it actually seemed to work pretty well! I'm still skeptical; I just can't wrap my head around wool being waterproof enough to contain my little super-soaker. But, I'm forging ahead. I started a pair of cabled longies today. I'd forgotten how much I love cables. It's nice because my mom knits sweaters for the Eskimo like crazy, so it's silly for me to knit sweaters. But the soakers, shorties and longies will give me something to knit for my little man. And if you're not a knitter, there's something you should know about us. We show our love through knitting. If you receive a hand-knitted object from someone, it's because they love you. You should thank them for it, even if it's the ugliest thing you've ever seen. Care went into every single one of those stitches. And if you know a knitter and want to make him or her very happy, ask them if they'll make you something. :)

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