Friday, January 14, 2011


So, I've been searching for a great overnight diaper for my little man. I usually don't change him from the time he goes down around 8pm until he gets up for the day, around 8am. So, I need a diaper that is prepared for a good soaking. We've tried everything. Snappied prefolds with an insert (I use the g-diaper cloth inserts made of hemp and microfleece) work pretty well. I've also tried a few different pocket diapers, including Charlie Banana and Fuzzibuns with mixed results. Bottom line is, he's usually damp when he wakes up in the morning and that means I need to change his sheets and he can't hang out in his pj's until his first nap.

Well, we may have a game changer here. I tried the Bummi's Bamboozle last night. It's a fitted diaper made of rayon made from bamboo (duh). I used one of his Flip diaper covers over it since we seem to have the best luck containing the super soaker with those. And BOOYAH. His pajamas were DRY this morning! The other exciting bit of news is that the bamboozle has only been washed twice; it doesn't reach full absorbency until it's been washed at least 10 times, so it's only going to get better!

Now, these suckers aren't cheap. Expect to spend about $20 a pop. But if they work, jeez, it's totally worth it. Also, they are one of the softest, cushiest things I've ever felt. :) Hooray!

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