Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Something you may not know about me: I'm currently working on my Masters of Arts in English Language Learning. I'm doing it all online, so it requires a TON of self-motivation. And what I'm discovering is that I can accomplish a lot when I'm procrastinating. We're not talking school work here. Oh no, that paper is still looming over my head, threatening to crush me. But look what I made tonight!

I've been wanting to make the Eskimo something with a Q for a while now. Not only is it the first letter of his name, but it's one of the 5 or so letters that he recognizes with reliability. I had originally planned on doing some kind of collage with buttons, but the more I tried to put it together, the more I hated it. So, I decided to paint.

I got the canvas at Michael's today. It came in a 2-pack and was relatively inexpensive. I already had the paints and the painter's tape, so this was a pretty cheap project for me. I printed out a great big Q and taped it down in the center. Then, I made stripes with the painter's tape and got to work. It's not perfect, but considering it was thrown together last second while avoiding a paper, I'm pretty pleased. I'm still debating whether or not I want to paint the Q yellow, red, or just leave it blank.... Husband likes it blank. I'm leaning toward yellow. We'll see! Opinions welcome!

ETA: I decided to paint it yellow. The white was bugging me:

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