Sunday, January 15, 2012

Discovery Bottles

One of my resolutions this year was to create homemade "toys" for my son. Things that will challenge him, allow him to explore, and be fun. :) I'm going to credit Pinterest with a lot of my inspiration. Here are a couple examples from last week. We started with an I-Spy bottle. For this, all you need is rice, glue, an empty water bottle and tiny objects (I used beads). Put the rice and objects in the empty bottle and glue the lid on. Voila! 

The Eskimo says, "Ooooo!!". The beads I used are shaped like different animals. I ask him questions, "Where's the purple dog?" Okay, he's not quite there yet, but he does say "woof woof" and "meow" when he sees the appropriate beads. He loves rolling and shaking the bottle to unearth different beads.

Our second discovery bottle was equally easy to make, but this time I filled it with water, food coloring and oil. He loved shaking it, rolling it, and shining a flashlight through it. I think I'm going to put some kind of floating fish in the next one of these I make.

Oh, and if you haven't started drinking Voss water, you should. Only because it's comes in these awesome bottles. I found it at our local grocery. It's expensive for water, but cheap for a cool bottle! Stay tuned for some really cool projects!

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