Monday, January 23, 2012

Dolls and Cups

So we made a trip over to JoAnn Fabrics today to pick up the supplies for today's crafty adventure. We got little wooden peg-dolls and cups for them to sit in. They look like this to start:

I actually had eight, but the Eskimo was already playing with two of them. Cute, right? Well, I also bought some craft paint, and then I got to work. The end result was this:

How cool are those!? These required multiple layers of paint, but I think they turned out beautifully. If I was feeling really ambitious I could paint faces on these suckers, but I kind of like them without. The idea is for the Eskimo to match the doll with the correctly colored cup. This will be great for working on colors as right now he only knows "boooooo" (blue). Also really good for fine motor skills. After he went through and matched all the little dolls with the correct cup the first time, he started putting them in the wrong cups, looking at me, and giggling. He knew it was "wrong", and he thought it was hilarious. :)

My inspiration for these came from here. Another fantastic Pinterest find. Because these are cheap and easy to make, I can see these becoming a go-to birthday gift for any young child.

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