Monday, February 7, 2011


Okay, the number one "excuse" I hear for not using cloth diapers is the amount of extra laundry it creates. If you have children, you already know that they create an obscene amount of laundry. You wouldn't think such a tiny creature could fill a laundry basket so quickly, but they can. Between bibs, burp rags, clothes that inevitably get spit up on, pj's, blankets, sheets..... etc etc etc, you probably need to do a load at least every other day.

Well, cloth diapers only add one load of laundry every two to three days. We're in the 21st century here, and you no longer have to scrub on a washboard. You do NOT spend all your time washing diapers. I hardly even notice the extra load every few days. It just fades into the background of a busy washing machine. And if you read my previous post on the washing routine for cloth diapers, you know that it's easy to wash them too. Nothing complex here, guys.

So, you are no longer allowed to use laundry as an excuse to stick with disposables. ;)  One of my pet peeves is when other people tell me how they can't believe I use cloth diapers because it's SO much work. First of all, I'm not asking them to do the work. Second of all, it's NOT that much work, and that's just their ignorance talking. I think a lot of people who would have cloth diapered have been turned off by their friends (who use disposables) telling them how much work it is. For me, the most difficult thing about cloth diapering was the information gathering. And, since you're lucky enough to have found this blog, you can check that one off the list too. :) Consider me your personal source of information. Feel free to email, comment, ask me questions.

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