Friday, March 25, 2011

Long nights, wet mornings

Nighttime diapers and leaks are a problem that most of us face. You finally get your baby to sleep all night (yay!), and then you realize that his diaper is not up to the challenge. While the leaks are bad enough, some babies also get rashes from sitting in a wet diaper overnight. We are lucky enough not to have to deal with the rashes, but the leaks are definitely an issue.

The Eskimo usually sleeps 11 or 12 hours a night, which is amazing. However, it does provide his diaper with quite a challenge. For a while, the bamboozles were working really well overnight. But the Eskimo has stepped it up a notch and is waking up most mornings with wet pjs and sheets. So now I'm on the hunt again for an overnight solution.

I recently ordered some new fitteds off of They're called Bumboos and they're made by Earth, Mom and Baby. We tried one of them for the first time last night. While the absorbency is great on these (and this after only one wash), they are NOT user friendly. The design allows you to adjust the rise by folding the front down, but there is nothing to hold this in place. Trying to get that relatively even, while putting in the extra liner and keeping your 10 month old from flipping himself off the changing table is a pretty big challenge. The end result was not pretty, and I'm fairly certain that's why we had a leak last night. He didn't wake up soaked, like he normally does, but the waistband of his pants was definitely damp. I did order two of them, so I think I'll try the second one tonight and see if I can adjust the fit a bit better.

I also picked up some new hemp inserts at Mama Wise yesterday. Hemp is super absorbent and really soft. I'm looking forward to trying these out too. I will probably just line the bamboozles with these.

I'm going to keep searching for that perfect overnight solution. But the bottom line is, you need to find something that works for you and your child. Because the Eskimo doesn't really get rashes, it's okay if he wakes up in damp pj's. But if you're struggling with a rashy baby, you need to find a solution, ASAP. A lot of moms turn to disposable overnight diapers, and that's okay! If you're only using one disposable a day, you're still doing a great job of protecting the environment by keeping your baby in cloth the rest of the time! Do what it takes to keep your little one comfortable all night so that everyone can get their sleep. And when I find something that works, you'll be the first to know. :)

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