Monday, March 14, 2011

Diaper addiction

It's true, I am a self proclaimed addict to cloth diapers. I can't help myself from buying and trying new things. I just ordered a two pack of bamboo fitteds off of today. Do we need them? Heck no! But, I'm always searching for something new and exciting that's going to fit my baby perfectly. :) Plus, I love our Bamboozles by Bummis so much, that I couldn't resist trying another bamboo-based diaper. Let me do a quick inventory here:

30 Regular Bummis organic cotton prefolds
12 Indian prefolds
5 hemp/microfleece inserts by G Diapers
3 bamboozles by Bummis
3 Fuzzibuns pocket diapers
2 Charlie Banana pocket diapers (these are my favorites!)
1 Happy Heiny pocket diaper
1 Tot Bots all-in-one
About a million diaper covers and some homemade longies
I know there are more, but the baby is asleep, and I'm not going to wake him up to do inventory. :)

Here's the thing about cloth diapering your first child: you don't know what you're doing or what works best for your family. That's why forums like Diaper Swappers are so great. You can go on there and sell the items that you're no longer using and buy the things you want. Or, you can turn into a diaper hoarder like me. Don't be surprised to see me on that TLC show Hoarders one of these days...

But this does speak to another point. Cloth diapering is just plain fun. It becomes so much more than a thing of necessity. I get excited about trying new diapers out and seeing how well they work. Can you see anyone getting excited about disposable diapers? Didn't think so. And the best part is that if we have another kid, I'm already fully stocked with diapers! I think part of the addiction lies in knowing you are doing something wonderful for your baby's health and for the environment. It's really easy to justify buying a new cloth diaper when you know it's not going to end up in a landfill anytime soon. So, happy shopping and swapping, mamas!

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