Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cookie Sheet Painting

I've been a little bored with our regular painting routine lately and decided it was time to shake things up a bit. I started by putting four blobs of paint on an old cookie sheet:

Then, I gave the Eskimo a silicone basting brush that I have never once used for basting... might as well get some sort of use out of it! I let him spread the paint all over the cookie sheet with the brush, and inevitably, his hands. Then, I took some paper and pressed it onto the cookie sheet. Voila!

These are some of my favorite pieces of art that the Eskimo has created. I apologize for the complete lack of action photos. This very quickly turned into an activity that needed a high level of supervision as the Eskimo was pretty sure the paint needed to be spread to every surface within arms' reach. Great opportunity for him to practice impulse control and for Mommy to practice deep breathing. ;)

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