Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dry baby!

I'm so excited that we found an overnight solution, that I have to write two posts today! Kanga Care had a big sale a couple of weeks ago and I ordered three of their Rump-a-Roos pocket diapers. Let me start by saying their patterns are adorable and the inner lining of the diaper is quite possibly the softest material I've ever felt in my life. I have been stuffing three of their microfiber inserts into the diaper at night, and so far it has kept the Eskimo dry! This does make for a hugely bulky butt, but the Eskimo doesn't seem to mind and he's not exactly entering any fashion shows at bedtime. When I get him up in the morning, all three inserts are completely soaked, but his pj's and sheets are still dry.

At this point, I'm stalking their website, waiting for their hemp inserts to be in stock. I'm also thinking of ordering some more diapers, but may have to have a bit of a sell-off here first. Diaper Swappers, here I come!

Speaking of Diaper Swappers, I also bought a SBish wool cover from another mama. These suckers are pricey new, but I'm willing to try one out used. It arrived in the mail yesterday and I'm going to give it a go tonight, probably over a bamboozle and an insert (or two). A review to come soon. Wish us luck!

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